Project Rebound Services


Admissions Assistance

Project Rebound educates prospective students about the admissions process, prerequisites, and available degree programs, evaluates their academic records and provides detailed guidance on admissions strategies.  



Financial Aid Assistance

Project Rebound provides personalized financial aid advisement, as well as direct student support including books, meals, computers, transportation, and housing. 



Legal Services

Project Rebound connects students to free legal services through our community partners whose expertise includes record reduction, reclassification, and expungement, and employment discrimination.




Project Rebound connects students to housing services both on campus and in the community to help students have a fair chance to find and secure housing.



Student Health Center

Project Rebound connects students to counseling, psychological, and wellness services both on campus and in the community to help students improve coping skills, strengthen personal relationships, navigate the college transition, recover from traumatic experiences, and engage in self-exploration. 



Learning Center

Project Rebound provides individualized academic support, connecting students with tutors tailored to the subjects of their classes.



Academic Career & Advising Center

Project Rebound embraces students with a circle of mentors who relate to their concerns, advocate for them on campus and in the community, help them navigate the university system, access available resources, and overcome academic and non-academic barriers to success.



Community Partners

Project Rebound welcomes students into a circle of support and provides a bridge into the wider community on- and off-campus.