You have a place here.

Project Rebound at Cal Poly Humboldt welcomes inquiries from anyone who has been previously incarcerated, has prior criminal justice system involvement, and is interested in obtaining a university education and degree. All current Cal Poly Humboldt students who have prior criminal justice system involvement are also eligible to participate in Project Rebound. Below, you will find our admissions requirements. However, for prospective students who don't yet meet the academic requirements for admission to Cal Poly Humboldt, keep in mind that Project Rebound's motto is: "We don't say 'no', we say 'not yet," and we advise and mentor those students on what they can do to become eligible.

Admissions Requirements


Individuals must:

  1. Be formerly incarcerated or have prior criminal justice system involvement; on or off parole or probation.
  2. Possess the ability and commitment to perform college level work.
  3. Be motivated to succeed and benefit from a college education
  4. Maintain satisfactory progress towards a degree, balancing academics, work, family, etc.